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He had been dubbed 鈥淓gyptian鈥 because for many years he had sailed to Busiris, Bubastis, and other cities on the Nile. No one had ever seen him wear anything except a garment of braided mats, through which his lean arms and legs looked like a little child鈥檚 first rude drawings of the human figure. His skin seemed tanned by the Libyan sun and never appeared clean, and his mouth was a tightly closed straight line as if he had no lips. It might be supposed that few words escaped them.

鈥淔riends and fellow citizens,鈥 he said in a jesting tone; 鈥渨e know each other, so I shall not ask you to keep quiet. On the contrary, I will beg you to chatter303 and yell to your hearts鈥 content, in order to have it over the sooner.鈥.
The latter scarcely seemed to notice the young man; for Hipyllos was not known by many, while every child recognized the orator Acestor. He well knew what pleased the multitude, and talked with equal ease and fluency about campaigns, legal cases, art, the working of mines, and the cultivation of vineyards. He was indebted for what he had learned115 solely and entirely to his excellent memory鈥攈e was far from rich enough to own a library. Books were extraordinarily expensive. Three small treatises by Philolaos, the Pythagorean philosopher, cost 110 minae.J.
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312 The festal hall was lighted by tripods bearing numerous lamps; on one side stood tables for the men, on the other for the women. Among the guests were the old chief magistrate who had presided at the popular assembly, the citizens who had been on the most intimate terms with Simonides, and some of the female relatives of the bride. Young slaves in new garments, with purple fillets around their hair, placed between the couches little tables bearing favorite dishes.!
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鈥淣ot my boat only, all the small craft.鈥.
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This water must be brought by a virgin, and a young neighbor, Coronis, the daughter of a rich basket-maker, who from childhood had been Clytie鈥檚 friend and looked up to her with admiration, had gone with her slaves to the fountain to fetch the water..

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鈥淐ome in, he鈥檒l speak to you.鈥
Lycon, who had neither father nor mother, understood234 the concealed sting, but kept silence in order not to enter deeper into the matter.
D Ildmand鈥攖he red-haired, seems to have been a nickname for Cleon, who at this time was treasurer. (Aristophanes, equites v. 901.)
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